Sunday, Oct 25
Turkish forces launch large-scale anti-terror operation

Turkish forces launch large-scale anti-terror operation

Interior Ministry announced it planned at least 7,424 operations for this fall and winter.
07.10.2020 - 13:09

Turkey has begun a large-scale anti-terror operation to thwart potential attacks this winter, the country’s Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.


In order to cut all logistics supply channels of terrorist groups, prevent terror activities, and ensure the surrender of terrorists this fall and winter term, the intelligence-based operations have started, said the ministry in a statement.

No terrorist group was named in the statement, but the PKK terror group has been active in Turkey's east and southeast.

Gendarmerie, police teams and village guards will take part in the planned 7,424 operations to be carried out between Oct. 7 and April 15.

Though the ministry had planned for some 6,000 operations this spring and summer, it ended up carrying out over 8,500. In these operations, 346 terrorists were neutralized.