Tuesday, Aug 09

Turkish football club reports player caught coronavirus

Turkey has so far 1,872 confirmed cases of coronavirus pandemic, with the death toll at 44, according to the Health Ministry.
25.03.2020 - 16:50

Fenerbahce football club announced on Wednesday afternoon that a player and a medical staff were showing the coronavirus symptoms.

The Istanbul club said on its official website that the senior football team, technical staff, and administrative personnel have been tested on club premises.


"Following the tests, one of our players and a medical staff member showed the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms," Fenerbahçe said, without citing names.

It added that the infected persons were sent to the hospital for further examination and treatment.

Last weekend, players and staff of Turkey's Fenerbahce Beko basketball team have been showing coronavirus symptoms, the club announced. "Coronavirus symptoms were detected in some of our basketball players and staff during routine checks," the club said in a statement on Saturday.