Monday, Jun 21

Turkish armed forces neutralize 119 terrorists in a month

Turkish Defense Ministry said that the operations within, outside Turkey severely dented the PKK terror group's capabilities.
25.10.2020 - 09:56

Turkish forces neutralized 119 YPG/PKK terrorists in the past 30 days, Turkey’s National Defense Ministry said on Saturday.


A total of 53 terrorists were neutralized inside Turkey and 66 more in cross-border operations, Maj. Pinar Kara, spokesperson for the ministry, said at a news briefing.

Turkish security forces also destroyed 165 hideouts, caves, and weapons storages used by the YPG/PKK, crippling the terror group’s operational capabilities, the spokesperson said.

More than 400,000 refugees who had taken shelter in Turkey have returned to their homes in northern Syria, Kara said.

The repatriation of refugees was made possible thanks to improving security and living conditions brought about by Turkey’s diplomatic and military efforts, she added.