Sunday, Jun 20
Turkey’s tourism sector eyes to further expand the market’s range

Turkey’s tourism sector eyes to further expand the market’s range

Turkey’s special Safe Tourism Certificate program sets comprehensive safety standards in all areas, from airlines to accommodation, for Turkish citizens, international visitors and tourism employees.
28.10.2020 - 12:46

Players in Turkey’s tourism sector aim to further expand the market’s range as they make preparations for 2021.

"We are looking for alternative markets for the coming years. We have important initiatives that will attract tourists not only from a few points, but from every corner of the world," said Ulkay Atmaca, head of the Professional Hotel Managers Association of Turkey (POYD).


Pointing out that their biggest goal this year is to keep as many facilities open as possible amid the coronavirus pandemic, Atmaca said they want to keep more facilities open in the winter and start 2021 more prepared.

"There will be new studies on market diversification as a sector," said Erkan Yagci, head of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association. He said the sector's 2023 tourism strategy is to develop both product and market diversity.

Evaluating the tourism sector as the locomotive of the country's economy, Yagci said he has full faith in the sector in this respect and that every investment made here will be returned.

Earlier this year, Portugal’s ambassador to Turkey expressed her satisfaction with the steps the Turkish government was taking to promote safe tourism amid the pandemic.

“The initiative by the Turkish government to issue a safety certificate to institutions, namely restaurants and hotels who, on a voluntary basis, follow and adopt all the right procedures regarding safety and the prevention of coronavirus, is a very suitable one,” said Paula Leal Da Silva.