Monday, Sep 26

Turkey will expand safe zone if needed

President Erdoğan on Wednesday criticized countries which allow terrorist PKK's symbols in streets despite recognizing them as terror group.
30.10.2019 - 14:28

If needed, Turkey will expand safe zone in northern Syria, the Turkish president said on Wednesday.

"We will give a drastic response to any attack coming from outside of safe zone [in northern Syria] and we will expand our safe zone area if needed," said Recep Tayyip Erdogan at his party's parliamentary group.


Erdoğan said nearly 700 attacks against Turkey have been carried out by terrorists abroad, especially in Europe, since Turkey started anti-terror operation in northern Syria.

Those countries which accept YPG/PKK as a terrorist group allow its symbols on their streets, while banning all pro-Turkey activities, Erdogan noted.

"Most of them are our addressees in NATO, most of them are our addressees in the EU where we are negotiator right now," said Erdogan. "Despite all, these attacks are conducted in their countries and moreover they are conducted with police escort," he added.

In this "new war of independence", Turkey is walking "step by step" towards victory, Erdogan stressed.