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Turkey to host talks with Sweden, Finland on NATO bids

Turkey to host talks with Sweden, Finland on NATO bids

Swedish and Finnish delegations will arrive in Ankara for talks.
24.05.2022 - 14:39

Turkey said on Tuesday that it would host consultations on the NATO membership applications of Sweden and Finland.

The Turkish delegation at the meeting, set to be held on Wednesday in the capital Ankara, will be headed by presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalın and Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal, said a statement by the country's Foreign Ministry.

Delegations of Sweden, Finland will come to Turkey

Stockholm and Helsinki will be represented by Swedish State Secretary Oscar Stenstrom and Finnish Permanent State Secretary Jukka Salovaara, along with their respective delegations, it added

Sweden and Finland formally applied to join NATO last week -- a decision spurred by Russia's war on Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24.

But Turkiye, a longstanding member of the alliance, has voiced objections to their membership bids, criticizing the countries for tolerating and even supporting terrorist groups.