Saturday, May 15

Turkey ranks 3rd in global medical coronavirus aid

Turkish deputy foreign minister said that the country met help requests of many countries worldwide.
23.06.2020 - 09:21

Reflecting Turkey’s entrepreneurial and humanitarian understanding of foreign policy, it is the third-largest medical aid and support country in the world, said the deputy foreign minister on Monday.


Speaking via video link at a session on regional approaches to coronavirus of the Fourth Brussels Conference, Yavuz Selim Kiran said that Turkey helped 131 countries worldwide during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Turkey faces the dual challenge of protecting refugees as well as contributing to international solidarity," he said.

Stressing Turkey’s success in the fight against the pandemic, he said: “We provide free healthcare to all, including refugees. This enabled us to control the outbreak, but it is not possible to achieve success in a global struggle without international solidarity in the field of health.”