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Turkey deals heavy blow to PKK in 2021

Turkey deals heavy blow to PKK in 2021

Turkish security forces carried out 45,681 operations in rural areas and 7,426 operations in cities.
26.05.2021 - 11:36

Back-to-back successful security operations by Turkish forces have inflicted a heavy blow on the PKK terror group.

A total of 277 terrorists, including 21 senior operatives, were neutralized this year in joint operations carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organization, according to information received from Interior Ministry officials.

Estimates suggest that between 226 to 275 terrorists are in Turkey; 2,940 to 3,350 in Iraq; 11,400 to 13,700 in Syria and 500 to 550 in Iran.

The total number of PKK terrorists is thought to be between 15,115 to 17,885.

As part of these operations, 3,092 suspects were detained and 552 others arrested.

Four of the nabbed terrorists were wanted in the red category of the Interior Ministry's color-coded list; one was in the green category, nine in the orange category, and five in the gray category. Two others were not included in the list but were top level terrorists.

In the list, red is the most wanted, followed by blue, green, orange and gray.


A total of 665 so-called senior members of terrorist organization have been neutralized so far in Turkish security operations.

Among the neutralized terrorists, 43 of them were in the red category, 28 in the blue category, 31 in the green category, 80 in the orange category, and 333 in the gray category.

The remaining 150 terrorists were not included in the list, but they held important positions in the organization, such as the so-called state and territory duties.

Also, a total of 11 terrorists, two from Germany, two from Greece and one from Switzerland, have joined the organization since the beginning of the year, but recruitment in the organization experienced the lowest level.

Last year, a total of 53 people joined the PKK terror group.

Also this year, 71 terrorists surrendered to security forces through persuasion efforts.

At least 7,412 terrorist hideouts and warehouses have been identified since July 15, 2016.

Turkish forces have so far seized 94 tons of explosives, 257 missiles, 2,839 guns, 1,168 improvised explosive devices-mines, 4,419 hand grenades, 1.44 million ammunition, 10,624 tubes, 1,491 generator batteries, and 432 tons of food.