Sunday, Jan 17
Turkey completes Phase 1 trials of local vaccine

Turkey completes Phase 1 trials of local vaccine

If all goes well, we plan to begin the phase-2 trials by the end of this month, said Professor Mustafa Çalış, the dean of Erciyes University in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri.
14.12.2020 - 17:23

Phase 1 trials of a potential vaccine developed by Turkey’s Erciyes University ave been completed without any serious side effects on the volunteers.


According to the official data, the first doses of the ERUCOV-VAC vaccine were administered to 44 volunteers and the second doses started to be injected on Nov. 26.

“We finalized the phase 1 trials of the vaccine today. We have not seen any serious side effects of the injection on the volunteers. If everything goes well, we are planning to move to phase 2 trials at the end of December,” said Professor Mustafa Çalış, in brief message on Twitter.

The potential vaccine will be administered to some 200 volunteers in phase 2.

The ERUCOV-VAC vaccine is being developed at the Erciyes University with support from Turkey's Institutes of Health Administration  (TÜSEB).