Wednesday, Oct 05

Terror supporters continue smear campaign using fake photos

YPG/PKK supporters have stepped up social media smear campaigns against Turkey's counter-terror operation in northern Syria by posting fake photographs to blame Turkey.
20.10.2019 - 16:02

Social media accounts supporting YPG/PKK terrorists on Sunday shared fake images or photos of grieved families affected by wars in the region to spread disinformation about Turkey's anti-terror operation east of the Euphrates River.

Accounts supporting terrorist YPG/PKK shared photos claiming that they were taken in Operation Peace Spring.


However, photos that were shared to manipulate Turkey’s operation with images of families affected by war, were actually taken in different times and places.

Accounts close to terror group YPG/PKK posted an image of a man in tears hugging the boy who survived a bombardment, claiming that it was captured during Operation Peace Spring.

Nevertheless, the photo was taken in a heavy Aleppo bombardment by the Assad regime in 2014.

Similarly, pro-terrorist accounts shared a video of a father who cannot control his tears while holding his child's lifeless body, claiming that it was captured during Operation Peace Spring.

In fact, it was taken in Syria’s Idlib province in Jan. 2018.

Another account manipulating the truth posted a photo of a little girl crying among a wreck as if it was taken in Operation Peace Spring.

In reality, it was taken in Palestine in 2016.

Supporters of the terror group spread a photo showing a boy in tears, crying among soldiers claiming it was taken during Turkey’s operation.

However, the photo was actually taken on Macedonia’s border with Greece in Sept. 2015.