Thursday, Aug 06

Syria airstrikes martyred Turkish troops in Idlib

In retaliation, 50+ Assad regime elements neutralized, and 5 tanks, 2 armored personnel vehicles, and 1 howitzer destroyed.
21.02.2020 - 14:11

Two Turkish soldiers were martyred and five injured in airstrikes on Turkish elements in Idlib, northwestern Syria, Turkey’s National Defense Ministry announced on Thursday.


In retaliation, Turkish forces neutralized over 50 regime elements and destroyed five tanks, two armored personnel vehicles, two armed pickups, and one howitzer, the ministry said on Twitter.

It also wished condolences to the families of the martyrs and to the Turkish Armed Forces, whose troops are in the border region as part of a de-escalation zone meant to protect the local civilian population.

Responding to Turkish soldiers being martyred by Assad regime forces in recent weeks, Turkey has swiftly retaliated, neutralizing hundreds of Syria troops, and warning that it would not tolerate any Turkish soldiers coming to harm.