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NATO to hold military exercise in Turkey

NATO to hold military exercise in Turkey

Ramstein Dust II-2022 will be held at the Turkish military base in Konya.
07.06.2022 - 14:17

NATO will hold a military exercise in Turkey from June 20-28.

The Turkish Defense Ministry made the announcement.

Ramstein Dust II-2022 (RADU II-22), a NATO deployment and readiness exercise, will be held at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in the city of Konya.

In conjunction with the Anatolian Eagle-2022

The ministry added that the exercise is planned to be held in conjunction with the International Anatolian Eagle-2022 training exercise.

Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden that formally applied to join NATO on May 18 are preparing for a NATO naval drill.

Turkey's objection

The "Baltops 22" will be held in Sweden as Turkey opposes the membership bids by the two Scandinavian countries, criticizing them for tolerating and even supporting terrorist groups.