Saturday, Aug 08

Foreign terrorists deported within anti-terror operations

The foreign terrorists will continue to be returned whether their home countries wanted to accept them or not, said the chief of the migration department.
18.02.2020 - 15:53

Turkey has deported 229 foreign terrorists, 75 of whom are EU citizens, since its anti-terror operation in Syria, an official from the country's Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.


Abdullah Ayaz, head of Turkey's migration department, told Anadolu Agency that the struggle against the foreign terrorists was ongoing, adding that since 2011, the country has deported 7,898 terrorists of 102 different nationalities.

He noted that entry bans had been issued for 94,000 foreigners considered to be affiliated with terrorist organizations.

He underlined that foreign terrorist fighters were the responsibility of their home countries, citing UN Security Council resolution 2178, which he said contains agreed-upon measures to block the travel of foreign terrorists and readmit them to their countries of origin.

Some EU officials have announced that they would not accept terrorists in their countries, Ayaz said, adding: "It is not acceptable to try to leave them in our country in any way."