Friday, Oct 23

Family found dead in Istanbul

A family of three was found dead in their house in central Istanbul on Friday, with rescue units detecting cyanide on the scene of the incident.
15.11.2019 - 17:41

According to local authorities, police were dispatched to a house in the city's Bakirkoy district after neighbors reported suspicions of what had transpired.

Policemen found a man, his wife and their child lying dead on the floor.


The district governorship later made a statement saying units of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) detected a scent at the crime scene, which was later identified as cyanide.

Having taken necessary measures, the rescue units evacuated the entire building.

This incident marks the third recent cyanide-related deaths in Turkey. Earlier this month, four adult siblings were found dead in their apartment due to cyanide poisoning in Istanbul.

The second incident took place last week, when a family of four -- a man, his wife and two children -- was found dead due to cyanide poisoning in the southern Antalya province