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British tourists open tourism season in Turkey

British tourists open tourism season in Turkey

Tourists feel safe in Turkey’s Muğla province thanks to a recent healthy tourism certification program launched in collaboration with Turkey’s Foreign, Culture and Tourism, and Transportation Ministry
17.07.2020 - 17:26

British tourists are enjoying summertime in Turkey thanks to top-notch measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak.

Hosting a large number of foreign tourists, the Aegean province of Mugla has been the most preferred holiday destination of British tourists especially in recent years.


Steven Dawlo, one of the tourists, said that they love Mugla so much that they visit twice a year. “We really love Turkey, and we are glad we can fly now,” he said, adding that they feel safer in Turkey than at home.

Stating that they had a safe flight from UK to Turkey, Ban Ryan Rices said he bought a house in Fethiye district of Mugla where they visit a few times a year as family.

“As long as we follow all the regulations, all the controls, then no reason why not,” he said.

Mugla hosted over 1.27 million British tourists in 2018, while the number was above 1.137 million last year.

The Safe Tourism Certification covers a broad range of safety measures in transport, accommodation, and health conditions for tourists and hospitality employees alike.

The certificate, issued by international certification institutions, validates the execution of strict health and hygiene requirements at airlines, airports, and other transport facilities, as well as in accommodation outlets and food and beverage venues.