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107-year-old Turkish patient beats coronavirus

After receiving treatment for coronavirus, the patient was discharged with applauds from the hospital and taken to her home for isolation
14.04.2020 - 14:48

A 107-year-old Turkish woman on Tuesday recovered from the novel coronavirus which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide since it emerged in China last December.

Havahan Karadeniz was admitted to a hospital last week with symptoms of high fever and cough, and tested positive for the virus.


The best treatment for this virus is "isolation, staying at home and maintaining social distance," Dr. Ozgur Yigit, the chief physician of Istanbul Education and Research Hospital, said.

107-year-old patient was discharged with applauds WATCH

"Treatment for this disease is possible when you initiate appropriate treatments with the correct diagnoses," Yigit said. He added that the elderly patient was discharged from the hospital but she has to comply with the isolation conditions at home.

Karadeniz also expressed her gratitude to the hospital personnel, and said: "The hospital was good and so was the personnel."