Friday, Jun 18
Terrorist YPG/PKK fortifying tunnels in Manbij, Syria

Terrorist YPG/PKK fortifying tunnels in Manbij, Syria

New footage shows terrorist group expanding, extending tunnels in northern Syria in advance of possible operation by Turkey.
27.12.2018 - 17:25

Anadolu Agency on Thursday captured new footage of the YPG/PKK terrorist organization's tunnels around Manbij, northern Syria, fortifications in an area the group is supposed to have left. With air support and arms from the U.S., the YPG/PKK -- which took the region from Daesh -- is preparing for possible military action by Turkey against the terrorist group.


The new Anadolu Agency footage shows that the terrorists have continued excavation to extend and expand the tunnels, as well as electrical work to light them up for the use of machines and wheelbarrows.

The tunnels, which have been made tall enough to allow most people to walk through upright, surround the district center of Manbij. The terrorists apparently mean to use the tunnels to protect themselves from possible airstrikes, launch sudden attacks, and hide out if necessary.

Terrorist YPG/PKK fortifying tunnels in Manbij WATCH

The US has yet to fulfill its pledges to Turkey about Manbij, with the YPG/PKK terror group surrounding the district center with trenches, tunnels, and embankments. Against Turkish objections, the US has worked with the YPG/PKK as an "ally" against Daesh, but that seems set to end with the promised withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

The terrorist group has completed the construction of trenches and embankments in areas surrounding the entire city center as if it has no intention of leaving. The terror group formed embankments at various depths in front of trenches to make up a series of lines stretching nearly 30 kilometers (18 miles).