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'Ottoman was the last power ensuring peace in the Middle East'

'Ottoman was the last power ensuring peace in the Middle East'

An analysis published in Israeli Haaretz newspaper said that since the time Ottoman Empire has collapsed, no peace was able to be established in the area.
24.11.2018 - 15:32

Haaretz, one of the most important newspapers of Israel, published an article praises Ottoman Empire.

It was mentioned that the national minorities who remained imprisoned in hostile nation-states were shown tolerance, especially in the Ottoman Empire.


“Only the empires facilitated national minorities’existence,” it said. “The attempt to create ethnically homogeneous states gave rise to some of the greatest disasters in the last century. The cultural diversity that existed in the imperial metropolises was erased and has never been restored. The national conflicts did not end after World War II. The disintegration of the multinational empires kicked off an endless series of wars, among them those in the Middle East.

But multinational empires, including that of the Ottomans, have lots of positive aspects. Ottoman Empire was the last power that succeeded in ensuring peace and stability in the Middle East.”