Wednesday, Nov 25
French police beat up protesters in Paris

French police beat up protesters in Paris

Clashes erupted between riot police and protesters in Paris on Tuesday as French Civil Servants took to the streets to demonstrate against against Macron's reforms.
23.05.2018 - 13:12

French police beat up protesters on Tuesday after unions, angered by years of public sector pay curbs and President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms, urged state employees to stop work on and join nationwide street protests.

The protests turned into violent clashes and the police resorted to brutality, detaining protesters and beating them to the ground with batons.

Images showed riot police charging at protesters with batons in central Paris, firing stun grenades and tear gas.

French police beat up protesters in Paris WATCH

A video shows police officers beating a protester who is already on the ground.

Police said at least 20 demonstrators were arrested during the clashes.

It's the third time that labour unions have sought to stage a nationwide show of strength in this fashion since Macron began his five-year-term in May last year.