Sunday, Jun 13
France offers 300-euro bonus to protest-weary police

France offers 300-euro bonus to protest-weary police

French government proposed giving 300-euro bonus to officers deployed to the Yellow Vests protests.
20.12.2018 - 10:05

French government seeks to soothe police forces' working conditions. Within this idea, the French government on Tuesday offered 300-euro bonuses to the officers deployed to the protests that started last month.

Macron committed to the idea of protest duty pay earlier this month. The government's offer came a day after two police unions announced work slowdowns to protest staffing and other budget issues.

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According to government figures, the bonus will be paid to 111,000 police officers and military personal and will cost 33 million euros ($37.5 million.) The National Assembly is expected to debate it during discussions on the 2019 budget.

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Instead of a bonus, police unions are asking for the payment of thousands of hours of unpaid overtime work that has accumulated over the years.